Benefits of green tea and fake doctor´s notes

Tea is not only a leave that you pour into boiling water, it is a way of living, it brings people together and has a lot of benefits for your health, pretty much like faking a doctor’s note. You can find different kinds of tea with their own characteristics and that are drunk for different purposes, similarly to fake doctors notes. It is believed that there are certain times of the day when you could increase the benefits of tea, consequently fake doctor’s notes are best when you used them when you need them the most.

At first sight, a cup of tea doesn’t seem very tasteful, the same happens when you have a first glance to a fake doctors note template. After you try tea the first time it usually leaves a bitter taste in your mouth but you still want to keep trying it, and every time you drink a cup of tea and keep learning how to prepare it properly, you start enjoying it more and start drinking tea more often. Some of the known benefits of drinking a cup of tea include: reducing the risk of infection, help you increase your attention spam, improve brain function, help you relax and prevent cancer. Many others have been listed but just as the fake doctors notes, everyone will claim that the benefits are dependent on the reason why you are using it for. You drink tea before working out to increase heart rate and make the most out of your workout, same as you use a fake doctors note when you are overworked and that way you get the most of your time off.

It’s fascinating how beneficial dr notes for work could be when used and presented in the proper way. However, disregard to important reminders will surely make things worse and cause further dilemmas such as unemployment, inability to pay debts and disapproval. Jut like how green tea eliminates body fat, misguided use of fake medical notes could eliminate you from work.

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