Using a Dr. Excuse Note

Whether you are in school or at work, there may arise an instance where you may be out of your workplace or school on medical grounds. In such a scenario, the policies or bylaws of the school or workplace may require you to provide a doctors note to either support your absence or ask for an extension of medical leave. These policies vary from one institution to another depending on when to present the doctors note.

Some require the note to be provided on the date of reporting back while others require the note to grant permission for the medical leave. Others don’t require any note for short durations of absence like one or two days.

Contents expected in the doctors note.

The Doctor’s diagnostic report will not be included in the note but you will advise the Doctor on what other issues will
be made available in the note. These include;


  • The Doctor’s satisfactory remarks that the visit to the medical facility was necessary


  • The time you will be expected to be out of work or school.


  • Your special needs you would need your institution to offer to you in order for you to return to work or learning institution, for example, light duties and a special diet to name just but a

What are the benefits of having Doctor’s note?


  • Security of tenure. The note will help you
    in case of substitution, especially in the workplace.


  • Protection. In this case, the note will protect you from either amount of workload assigned to you if you are working or excuse from lateness in a learning institution among other privileges. It will also protect penalty from future absenteeism since the Doctor will indicate appointment dates.


  • Claiming of benefits. There are many
    institutions which cover medical bills if you are injured inside the premises
    and this note will ease the process of compensation.


Doctor’s note is very important but it’s always advisable to never fake the illness because the consequences might be tough.